The Story that Makes YOU Cry

By: Sue Graber

We all have a story to tell.  Whether we’re 8 or 80, there’s something going on in our life that needs to be the “story” we share with others and I'd like to encourage you to take that step!

WHY?    Many times OUR story is the miracle behind what will motivate someone else – it could very well be an answer to prayer to someone who is needing to hear your message – your story – so that they might be encouraged in their own life and in turn will realize how they, too, can impact others simply by being transparent.
It’s often been said that the message we need to share could very well be in the “mess” that we are in!  Is there something in your life that you may have kept inside but you know in your heart that it could very well be the message that someone else NEEDS to hear?
Several people come to mind that I have just recently met that have impacted my life in a great way.  They have been a motivation and encouragement to thousands of others because they have shared their stories.
  • What would you do if you were born with a devastating illness?  This amazing woman, Sandy Morgan, is an inspiration to me and thousands of people.  She was born with cerebral palsy in a time when the condition was still a mystery.  Sandy has written a book, “Dance of Victory.”  It is full of inspiration and motivation! 

Sandy is a hero, a role model and activist.   Even though she has trouble “talking,” she gets her MESSAGE across loud and clear.  Can you imagine wanting to SAY something to someone but not being able to get the words out?  Even though the words are on your heart and mind, they just won’t come out.   I challenge you to read Sandy’s book. 
This lady has taught me to face some of my fears.   I recently saw a video of Sandy "jumping out of an airplane"  To see this video is nothing short of inspiring.   Sandy has a story to tell, and because she is so willing to let others into her life, she is helping many others become free – free from fear, free to be who they really are, and free to make a difference in the lives of others.
  • The second “story” I want to share is about a man who has touched thousands of lives because he was willing to become transparent enough so that he could make each and every one of us realize that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.   This individual lost his mom at a very young age, ended up getting involved with drugs and alcohol and landed in jail at a very young age.  
  • He knew that he was better than his circumstances and that he wanted more out of his life so he made a promise that if he got out of jail, he would turn his life around.   Since that very day, he has never touched alcohol or drugs, has gone to church every week and has become a successful businessman and is now building schools in Third World Countries. 
  • This is just another example of how by being transparent enough to share our “story” with others, we are inspiring, motivating and helping “free” them.
Both of these stories made me cry and were the reason that got me thinking about “my story” and the message that I have to share with others. 
Every one of us has challenges in our lives, and it’s through those tough times that “our light” is going to shine for someone else.   My story that makes me cry started out with the tragic death of my brother at the age of 40.  My heart still breaks today for all that his wife and children, my parents and all of our family have gone through, being without him.  They are one of millions of families who deal with this type of grief on a daily basis, but unfortunately, people can be insensitive to this kind of challenge, particularly if they have never experienced such a thing.  Maybe they’re fearful if they “think too deeply” about such things, it could happen to them?
Losing several close friends to cancer, and going through treatment  myself for breast cancer, I have started to reach out to others who are facing similar circumstances.  Blessings have been showered upon me even in the midst of these circumstances, the silver lining in the clouds that we hear about.   Having gone through treatment myself, my story is real, and more than ever, I treasure my family and friends in a new way.  I know God is using my story to reach others, and hopefully letting my light shine in their lives, as the two individuals I described above, have been a shining example and inspiration in mine. 
Encouraging others has become my passion and now I’ve been blessed with a business that allows me to use that encouragement in a way that will not only bless others, but it has become a way of making a living by reaching out in kindness to others.
This business is made up of people from all walks of life – stay-at-home moms, college dropouts, physicians, accountants, disabled people — it doesn't matter what walk of life they are from they all share the passion to reach out in kindness to others – and because of that passion, they are doing what it takes to make a difference in the lives of others, simply by sharing something unique!   They all have a strong  "WHY" that encourages them to share this with others….

 Whatever your story may be, SOMEONE needs to hear it!  You can do it.  One step at a time, you have the ability to touch others, inspire them and make the world a better place!  
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Sue Graber Sue Graber has been happily married for 35 years, raising 3 daughters while working creatively from home as an administrative assistant and a fund-raising specialist. She loves reaching out to others in kindness and is on a mission. She has an amazing ability to teach others how to build and nurture relationships, spend quality time with their families while generating income from home with a greeting card and gifting business. Sue is passionate about showing others how they, too, can make a difference every single day! 

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