The Joy of Giving

by Sue Graber

It's Christmas —  what better time of the year to encourage someone by doing something out of the ordinary to bring them joy.

This might be nothing more than a phone call, a "listening ear," or TIME spent with someone who simply needs a friend.  It might be something more concrete, like helping provide a meal to the homeless, buying toys for a family where the parents are unemployed, or shoveling the snow for a family whose husband is serving our country overseas.


Helping a friend through this special season of the year when they're going through loneliness or grief is another "gift" that will touch their heart.

The possibilities are endless.  Why not think of something every day in this Christmas season that might be "out of the ordinary" for you to do?  I can promise you it will lift not only the spirits of the person you are gifting, but it will bring you incredible joy.

This morning I came across a note from someone in one of my Facebook groups requesting a card be sent to someone who is going through a tough time — someone diagnosed with cancer, with two kids, needing to stay in a motel as the hospital isn't close to where they live.  The simple request was to encourage us to send a card to offer hope to this family.  The responses I read brought a lump to my throat as many "strangers" were willing to reach out in this way.

It's really so simple – Every day God puts opportunities in front of us to be that person who brings joy to another.


The question is:  How will we respond?

We have a choice every day, to make a difference in someone else's life in a positive way.  Let's choose today to bring JOY to someone unexpectedly.

It IS the season of giving! And by giving, you will receive a joy and peace that will brighten many lives, including yours.

What unexpected joy can you bring to someone today?  Come on over to my Facebook wall and share.  Let's start an epidemic of joyful giving as a daily habit!


Sue GraberSue Graber has been happily married for 35 years, raising 3 daughters while working creatively from home. She loves reaching out to others in kindness and is on a mission. She has an amazing ability to teach others how to build and nurture relationships, spend quality time with their families while generating income from home. Sue is passionate about showing others how they, too, can make a difference every single day

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