How to Use Card Campaigns to Stay in Touch with Customers

by Sue Graber

Do you know that by using a card campaign you can stay in touch on a regular basis with your customers?

A campaign is a way of staying in touch on a regular basis.  It means that you are constantly putting yourself in front of someone in a way that will cause them to “remember you” and guarantee them to talk about you to their friends and family in a positive way.  They will want to refer others to you and your business.

This is not about “selling” something but simply about reaching out to your customers to let them know they are appreciated, that you like them, that you want to keep them for customers.   You are “giving” without expectation because you care about them.

Building a relationship with your customers first will put you in a position where they will be happy to hear from you regularly and they will remember you when it’s time for them to use your service or product.  Plus, they will without question tell their friends and family about you because by staying in touch with them through regular mailings (not direct mail but stay in touch mail), you will be building a referral business.

One of the common problems in our super busy world today is that people lack time to get the things done that they know is important to do.  It’s much easier to use the computer to send a quick email or text someone than it is to go to the trouble of sending a real piece of mail through the Postal Service.

The good news is that now we have the  technology which makes staying in touch easy and simple and economical but still allows us to be personal in the way that we are communicating .

Here’s just one example of how a business might stay connected by using a card campaign.

Let’s say that you are a photographer with a nice business but you want to make sure that you keep your customers coming back — not just one portrait sitting, but that you could count on your customers as regulars who not only use your service, but they constantly recommend you to anyone looking for a good photographer.

When you do a good job you will be remembered by your customer.    However, a great way to guarantee 99% of the time that they will continue to remember you & give your name for referrals happen, would be for you to “put yourself in front of them regularly.” 

There are occasions in all of our lives where we receive cards — these might include birthdays and anniversaries to name a couple.  By taking the time to get information on your customers so that you KNOW when these special dates occur, you will be able  to celebrate those special occasions with your customers.   These cards are in addition to the normal “thank you” cards that we send thanking our customers and clients for their business.

This works for any business – salons, jewelers, car dealerships, nonprofits who want to keep their volunteer base.  Are you starting to understand how powerful this can be?

Have you ever heard of Joe Girard?  Joe was a car salesman (not an easy occupation).  What set Joe apart from other car salesmen was the fact that he intentionally kept in touch with his customers throughout the year by sending birthday greetings to his customers AND to their families.  Not just one year, but every year.  

Now, Joe did this way back when cards needed to be addressed by hand and it was a long process until the card hit the Post Office. .  He hired individuals to do this for him because he understood the value of staying in touch with his customers.  By doing this he built a referral based business.   THIS is the type of business we all desire.  That someone would think of us when a friend asks for a recommendation for whatever business we are in.   

Never underestimate the power of appreciating your customers by intentionally telling them so.   AND by simply staying in touch with them.

As a photographer, you can be sending out cards (or postcards) to customers on birthdays and anniversaries.  As you  get to know your customers on a more personal level, you will be able to keep track of their kids’ birthdays and use the pictures you have taken for them to personalize a card.  There will be other events in their lives that allow you to send them a card.  

It’s not just about sending that first “THANK YOU for your business” card.  But it’s intentionally sending them cards as you build a more personal relationship with them.  You will definitely be the person that they think of when somones asks for a recommendation of a good photgrapher (or any business service).

If you’re not excited, you should be.  This system has been used by others such as Tom Hopkins, …… and as I mentioned Joe Girard.  Read their success stories.   With really very little effort, and a marketing plan that works almost 100% of the time to build a referral business, you will be reducing your advertising budget and increasing your customer base.

You have nothing to lose by trying this out.  Why not take six months worth of your advertising/marketing budget and intentionally use this method.   For as little as $12/year/customer you can be staying in touch 6-9 times a year.  Have no doubt – you will be remembered!

Try sending a card for FREE…just pay the postage. 

Click here, set up your FREE account and try it out!

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