Hi there!  My name is Sue Graber and I’m a country girl at heart.  I’ve been married for almost 40 years and am blessed with 3 grown daughters, 3 sons-in-law and 4 beautiful grandchildren.   My passions in life are God, my family, and serving others.  I believe in making every day count and being a blessing to all those I come in contact with.

I was raised by entrepreneurial parents who had integrity and a wonderful work ethic.  I never “wanted” for the things in life that really matter. I was exposed to unconditional love and service to others from the beginning.   When our 3 girls were young, I chose to stay at home to work.   Now that they are grown, I work part-time in a JOB but my real dream is to build my business at home so that I can work from anywhere for the rest of the life (including the BEACH)!

A few years back my husband and I were introduced to network marketing and love what it’s all about.   We truly believe that reaching our dreams starts with serving others and helping them reach theirs.  We believe anyone can have this type of life if they believe they can and if they follow the steps and stay connected to those who believe in the power of duplication.

My passion for people intersected with a great business opportunity several years back.  This business has changed my life and is touching people all over the world in a positive way by helping us be intentional in building relationships, personally and in business.

The journey that has brought me to this place is part of my story that led me to this business.

If you’d like to schedule a time to talk about how you can increase the profits in your business, or you’d like more information about the opportunity for another income stream, just contact me below.

Sue Graber


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