Technology allows us to build and nurture relationships with friends, family and business associates across the globe.

It is literally possible today to build a business from the beach. In Jordan Adler’s book, Beach Money, he shares just how this works. When you are willing to help a few people with their dreams and teach them how to do the same for others you truly understand Building a strong network is important in building a business and is also a support system when you need it in your personal life.

With today’s technology, you can literally use your smart phone whether you are at home, riding in the car, on the beach, and even thousands of miles up in the sky. Technology is our friend when it comes to allowing us to stay in touch; we have no excuses NOT to stay connected for better in all our relationships.

Today there is an app available that allows you to literally snap a picture of someone you have just met, create a postcard or card with that picture and send a “nice to meet you card”  within a matter of minutes.  All of the contact information is immediately available so that you can follow up quickly.  Simply click below and we can set up a call and within minutes you will not only be able to send cards and gifts from your phone, but if interested, you will be able to start making money by sharing this concept with others.
I can’t wait to share this awesome opportunity with you!

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