I sent old clients  “I Am Just Thinking Of You” cards. I received 4 new jobs as well as 2 referrals from their friends.

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We put 15 homes under contract from November 1st to December 15th 2015, 100% of this new business came from referrals from using this amazing follow-up tool,  and because of it, we’ll be earning $60,000 in commissions, just like that.


I’ve been a Real Estate Professional for over 10 years and this follow-up toold has had the BEST impact on building and sustaining relationships with my contacts, clients and referral partners. Thank you SO much.


Sue, thanks so much for the amazing cards that you have sent me. I truly appreciate you! You have a great heart and that has always resounded with me.

Social Media guru and customer

Hey there! Loved the card and Starbucks. Thank you so much. I’m happy I ran into you and started using SOC again.

Local Realtor & SOC Customer

Today I received a check for $8600 which is 50% of the total commission from a new home sale. I sent out 100 cards to the neighborhood surrounding my listing and met a client who I help to find a new home! Total cost of campaign $200. This follow-up tool rocks for realtors!


I’ve sold 5 cars so far today, and 4 of the 5 came from referrals. That’s $16k in profits. #BOOM! We’ve sold 46 so far this month, 38 of which came from referrals. Dinner is on me! There is no way I could ever do it without this awesome follow-up system. It  affects and changes everything.
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I was up against 3 other contractors to revamp a heritage home in a medical building.   I won the bid, which was one of my biggest contracts to date. AMAZING. I am building a stronger referral-based business with this follow-up tool which keeps me connected with my customers.
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